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Mostafa Sarabi

Iran (né en 1983)



Reminiscence.  Mostafa Sarabi is an unpredictable painter. His works can’t be simply classified. Symbols , and disturbed violence besides the poetic quality of his works have been formed through a primitive style.These characteristics all reflect an unpredictable painter.He is well-aware that what can reflect his tumultuous soul in a heterogeneous structure is an inexpressible collage of those colors. Coloration in his works has been accomplished with the slightest brush stroke which truly has been reflected in the general context of his works.  Colors ,though look crude,have created mature, rich quality and message. The  lines in his works reminds us of the primary attempts to record the impression coming to mind and imagination. With regard to content , his works are like eternal sleep of man, nature and architecture. These are elements which have been evoked to re-tell a dream reminiscent of the past. The images are remembrance of a nation or a forgotten homeland.Reminiscence of the past like evoking some pieces of history which dominates the future, a fact that exists only in dreams.

(source : Delgosha Gallery)

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